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Department of Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are healthcare providers who diagnose, administer, and manage patients of all ages to improve their physical, mental, and functional abilities.

They have the opportunity to make a positive attribution to the quality of life. Because they work on the front row to help individuals in maintaining successful, optimal health, and fitness conditions to prevent the onset or evolution of impairments, activity limitations, participation restrictions, disease disabilities, disorders, and other conditions.

To be a practicing Physical Therapist in Lebanon, one must obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy, pass the Colloquium National Physical Therapy Examination, and register in the Order of Physical Therapists in Lebanon.

Committed to delivering quality education, the Antonine University's (UA) Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy program degree trains therapists that can join the profession as autonomous practitioners.

Furthermore, our program graduates often pursue Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities, including post-professional degrees (e.g., Ph.D., DPT, and Master degrees).