Overview | Antonine University




The main mission of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is to provide our students with information and help concerning campus life at Antonine University (UA). We assist and inspire you by ensuring a space of reception and listening where you can express your concern and your interest. Not only do we support you to excel academically, but we also help you remove any barrier standing between you and your learning. We make sure that you are well aware of the bylaws of the University as well as your rights and responsibilities on campus. We also encourage you to express your thoughts, skills, and passion through several available clubs and various events and activities planned throughout the academic year. The proposed extracurricular activities and clubs enrich your campus life and promote an enjoyable and remarkable learning experience here at UA. Your well-being, positive integration, safety, and health are our main concerns, hence why our offices are open to any comment, suggestion, or issue.


Apart from focusing on UA’s main values, the OSA is driven by its own principles:

  • to respect diversity;
  • to support collaboration and teamwork;
  • to encourage students to express their ideas and interests;
  • to provide a positive life on campus;
  • to ensure the students’ growth and engagement;
  • to promote the students’ well-being on campus;
  • to concentrate on the holistic development of our students.