Housing | Antonine University



Transportation to and from University can be an exhausting task, especially for international students and students living in far areas. Therefore, Antonine University (UA) offers you housing inside the Hadat–Baabda main campus throughout your academic path.

The dormitory is divided as follows:

  • three floors comprising 21 rooms and welcoming 33 girls;
  • three floors comprising 27 rooms and welcoming 45 boys.


Each room has Wi-Fi service and electricity (based on the electric meter).

Each floor has a living room with a TV and a common kitchen with a fridge. However, students are allowed to have a fridge in their room at their own expense if they wish to. All the residents can also benefit from a central TV room to gather in during rest hours.

The dormitory welcomes the students from Monday to Saturday until 12:00 PM. In case there are make-up sessions on Saturday, students may leave at 2:00 PM instead of 12:00 PM. They may come back to the dormitory starting Sunday at 4:00 PM.

The daily curfew is at 11:00 PM, except on Tuesday, it is at 12:00 AM.

If there is a holiday in the middle of the week, the students do not have to worry about leaving; they can remain in their dorms.

Single room: $150
Double room: $125
Triple room: $100 

Taking into consideration the high demand for university housing, we have also connected ourselves to external agents and nearby residences to welcome UA students.

To know more about dorms availability or if you have any complaints or suggestions regarding the housing at UA, you may contact Mr. Jean-Pierre Akoury or Mr. Rodolph Wannis via +961 5 927000 ext. 1253.