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Social Security

All students in Lebanon are required to register with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) before enrollment and at the beginning of each academic year. 

Required Documents for Registration

1- If students do not directly or indirectly benefit from social security through a custodian, they must provide the following documents:

  • a copy of their Lebanese ID or Individual Civil Registry Record, issued within the last 3 months;
  • a copy of the official baccalaureate certificate or its equivalent;
  • a copy of the Bachelor’s Degree (for Master’s students);
  • complete the student form provided by the NSSF administration and pay an annual fee of LBP600,000 in order to receive an enrollment number and access health insurance coverage for the entire academic year;
  • inform us if they received social security benefits directly or indirectly in the years prior to the current academic year and provide us with a recent official statement from the NSSF confirming the registration number and the years in which they received social security benefits. In this case, they must fill out the student form and pay LBP600,000 to reactivate their health coverage for the current academic year.

2- If students are already benefiting from the NSSF for the current academic year by registering and attending classes in the first semester at another university, they must provide a recently issued official statement as proof.

3- If students benefit directly or indirectly through a custodian who provides one of the health benefits mentioned below, they must submit the following documents:

  • For the NSSF: a recently issued (not older than 1 month) official statement from the NSSF, a copy of their employment contract, or a permit stamped by the NSSF, provided that the document’s date does not exceed 1 month from the submission date to the University.
  • Note: If students do not benefit from social security through their parents due to not attending classes in the previous year, they can provide an official statement stating their lack of social security benefits. However, they still need to provide an official statement confirming their attendance in the current academic year.
  • For the Judges Mutual Solidarity Fund: a copy of the valid affiliation card.
  • For the state employees’ cooperative: a valid official statement from the cooperative.
  • For the Mutual Fund for the Teaching Staff of the Lebanese University: a copy of the valid affiliation card.
  • For the Lebanese Army: a copy of the health card with a valid date or the renewal receipt if expired, or Form No. 2, which is a statement for university registration purposes only, or a copy of a temporary military ID card.
  • For the General Security: a copy of the valid health card.
  • For the Internal Security: a copy of the valid health card or a special form for student registration at the university.
  • For the State Security: a copy of the valid health card.
  • For the Customs Authority: a copy of the valid health card.
  • For the municipalities: a valid statement from the municipality.
  • For foreign students: either a receipt from the Lebanese General Security, a copy of the residency permit, or a copy of the passport for non-Arab foreign and French students (valid).
  • For Palestinian refugees: a Palestinian refugee card or an official residency statement from the mayor of the locality, mentioning the term “non-registered.”
  • For French students: a CFE French health insurance contract. If students do not benefit from the French Social Security Fund, they must pay for social security, similar to Lebanese students.
  • For the Parliament or Parliament Police: a copy of the valid hospitalization card.
  • For the Beirut Fire Brigade: a valid testimony.
  • For the Presidency of the Council of Ministers: a valid statement.

For the required documents in Arabic, please refer to المستندات المطلوبة عند التسجيل.


  • Students who benefit from insurance companies and private unions are still required to register with the NSSF.
  • The fee amount of LBP600,000 is subject to change according to the NSSF law.
  • Returning students who benefit from any of the types of “insurance” mentioned above must submit their documents with valid dates at the beginning of each academic year.