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Epistemologies of Music Analysis: What Theories, What Methods, for What Types of Music and in What Disciplinary and Cultural Contexts? (ema-2023)

Paris – France

Culture's globalization has resulted in unprecedented interaction between people, ideas, and cultural creation, including music. Music analysis has had to open up to this diversity in order to understand music from the inside and in relation to its sociocultural, intellectual, and historical context. This conference aims to identify analytical methodologies that combine the global and the local within a shared and unified framework. 


To achieve this aim, the conference builds on a network of national (Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Lebanon, Tunisia, and the United States) and international (Epistemuse, IMS, T&AM) partner institutions, societies, and organizations. These partner institutions are organizing satellite events — workshops, discussion groups, seminars, conference cycles, and round tables — prior to the main event to prepare the epistemological discussion through case studies that foster inter-team dialogue.


The Centre for Research on Musical Traditions (CRTM) of the Faculty of Music and Musicology (FMM) at Antonine University (UA) is one of the partner institutions contributing to the scientific program of this international symposium by organizing a webinar on Musical Grammar of Traditional Modal Monodies.