Accreditation | Antonine University



Since its foundation in 1996, Antonine University (along with the Antonine School of Music) established a Higher Institute of Music which became its Faculty of Music and Musicology (FMM) in 2015. This Faculty offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Music and Musicology, divided into six areas of concentration: music education sciences; music therapy (for the first time in Lebanon); music, technology, and media; general musicology of traditions; Arabic art music; and European art music (with a specialization in baroque music, for the first time in Lebanon).

As of 2006, the UA has added to this teaching unit, a musicological research unit called the Center for Research in Musical Traditions, which notably publishes the Revue des traditions musicales, an internationally peer-reviewed periodical, linked to the IReMus – Sorbonne University network and co-published by the UA Publishing House and Les Éditions Geuthner (Paris). In 2018, the FMM established a Center for Early Music (offering Baroque music lessons), the first of its kind in the Arab world.

Alongside with the preparation of the UA institutional accreditation —granted by the Swiss Agency for Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AAQ) in 2017—, the FMM received a recognized quality assurance system. It has indeed undergone the evaluation-accreditation process with the Music Quality Enhancement (MusiQuE) Agency, based in Brussels, affiliated to the European Association of Conservatoires, Academies of Music and Musikhochschulen (AEC) and member of the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR). Following a self-assessment carried out in 2018–2019, a team of international experts from this agency visited the FMM in October 2019. Following this visit, an excellent evaluation report was written, leading to the decision of the Council of MusiQuE to grant accreditation to the FMM Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Music and Musicology (for a renewable six-year term), according to the standards of MusiQuE, which are aligned with those of EQAR.

Thus, the FMM has become the first academic music unit in the Arab world to be accredited for quality assurance. It is now not only the leading faculty of musicology in Lebanon in terms of accreditation, number of enrolled students, scientific research and teaching of music therapy, Levantine musical traditions, and baroque music, but also the leading faculty of musicology in the Arab world in terms of both the quality of teaching and excellence of scientific research. This excellence is proven by the publication of the Revue des traditions musicales and the organization of the first international transdisciplinary conference on modal monodies and cognitive research —an event that will be held online from the 2nd until the 4th of November.