Mission, Vision, and Values | Antonine University


Mission, Vision, and Values


In accordance with the mission of Antonine University (UA) and the values it promotes, the Faculty of Music and Musicology (FMM) of the UA is committed to:
  • providing quality education to students who are interested in the musical professions or to incorporating a robust musical dimension, into the knowledge, practice, teaching, therapeutic, or technical use of the musical traditions of Mašriq and Europe;
  • developing an appropriate, creative, and in-depth scientific knowledge based on the musical traditions of the East and the Mediterranean; and
  • profiting society from this knowledge and know-how, through concerts, publications, dissemination activities (including through technological media coverage,) and various types of teaching (including general school education and vocational music education.)


In line with the vision of the UA, between 2020 and 2025, the FMM intends to be accredited as a geographically decentralized, appreciated, visible, and attractive entity of long-standing recognition that is equally focused on students and the creation of knowledge. FMM seeks continuous development and growth, as not only a reference educational institute in Lebanon and the Arab world, but also as an institution of musicology research, that enjoys high-level international expertise in the traditions of the oriental music, particularly in light of cognitive research.