Partnerships | Antonine University



Local Partners

  • National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS)
    This CNRS allows UA students one research program (Joint GRP).
  • Saint Joseph University (USJ) and its Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital
    This partnership offers research and internships for our students in music therapy.
  • American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC)
    UA students can benefit from internships, professional integration in music therapy, and a research project on music therapy for premature children.
  • Schools of the Antonine Maronite Order (OAM)
    The OAM schools propose internships and professional integration in music education.


International Partners

  • UFR de Musique et musicologie, Sorbonne University – Paris, France
    Under an academic cooperation agreement, this partnership has enabled:
    - the emergence and development of the Revue des Traditions Musicales (RTM), an international peer-reviewed periodical produced by the Center for Research on Musical Traditions (CRTM) and co-published by the UA Publishing House and Geuthner Publisher;
    - the organization of 9 UA international musicological conferences;
    - teacher mobility in both directions;
    - student mobilities.
  • Institut de recherche en Musicologie (IReMus) – Paris, France
    The world's most prominent institute for musicology research became a CRTM collaborator in the production of the RTM and signed an agreement with UA inherent in the IRN "Épistémuse" on French musicology.
  • Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC) – Brussels, Belgium
    The FMM and Antonine School of Music are members of the AEC.
  • Paris 8 University – Paris, France
    UA has signed an agreement with Paris 8 University for research related to the automated encoding of modal monodies.
  • Arab Academy of Music (AAM), League of Arab States (LAS) – Amman, Jordan
    The CRTM cooperates with the AAM on the production and dissemination of the Arab Journal of Music Education Sciences.
  • Francophone University Agency (AUF)
    UA collaborates with the AUF for the organization of conferences and the publication of the RTM.
  • Librairie Orientaliste, Paul Geuthner Publisher – Paris, France
    Geuthner Publisher works with UA on the co-edition of the RTM.