Equality | Antonine University



Antonine University (UA) has established a policy that supports the respect and promotion of gender equality. In line with this policy, the Office of Strategic Initiatives and Quality Assurance (ISAQ) is leading the Parity Committee, a think tank dedicated to monitoring the implementation of the gender equality policy across all units within the University. This Committee aims to evaluate the impact of this policy, fight against gender stereotypes, and address the glass ceiling effect.

The Committee seeks to deepen the institutional reflection that began in 2017 by identifying methods of reducing the gender gap in all faculties and departments. Ultimately, the Committee will present its findings and submit an evaluation report on the impact of this policy to the Rector.

The Committee is composed of the Vice Rector for Integral Human Development (VRIHD), the Director of the ISAQ, the Director of the Office of Human Resources (OHR), and the Director of the Office of Communications (OOC).

UA is committed to promoting gender equality and will continue to work towards building a more inclusive and equitable environment for all.