Self-evaluation Activities and Reports | Antonine University


Self-evaluation Activities and Reports

Nurturing a culture of quality and promoting self-reflection remain among the Antonine University (UA) top priorities. For this purpose, the Office of Strategic Initiatives and Quality Assurance (ISAQ) regularly initiates unitary and sectorial self-assessments.

  • Self-assessment Report of Academic Affairs – 2020
    The self-assessment report of academic affairs aims to establish a knowledge base of the academic system, programs, and human capital. This knowledge is valuable for the continuous and sustainable development of teaching and learning activities in alignment with UA’s mission and strategic plan. The Office of Human Resources (OHR) and various faculties contributed the necessary data for the self-assessment report.

    In response to the AAQ Experts’ report, the Office of ISAQ conducted this self-assessment, which served as the foundation for UA’s institutional accreditation in 2017, the academic system reform initiated in 2017–18, and the formulation of UA’s new mission statement.

    In summary, the report shows that UA has made significant progress in its academic component and will implement further measures to develop the strategic plan for academic affairs.

  • Self-assessment Report of Research 2015–19 – April 11, 2020
    This report outlines how UA purposefully prioritizes the continuous and sustainable development of research activities. It is the result of collective efforts from faculties, research units, and researchers, which contributed to the collection of quantitative and qualitative data.

    In summary, the report demonstrates that UA has made substantial improvements in its research output since 2017 and expresses a strong commitment to further enhancement.