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Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the Faculty of Sport Sciences (FSS) is to graduate students who will excel in the sports field whether as instructors, trainers, sports managers, or even as researchers in the domain. Our curriculum does not only teach our students several competencies related to physical and sports activities; they also focus on implementing the sense of teamwork to our students as well as volunteering, respect, and self-esteem. FSS students will also learn how to adapt in every environment that they might be in, by developing their communication skills, leadership skills, and their sense of fair play. The programs presented to the students at the FSS work at the national level for the professionalization of the sports profession within both public and private institutions. In addition, the acceptance of the scientific contribution in the physical education domain has a huge influence on the expansion of training.


The FSS vision is to prepare students to be instructors, researchers, trainers, advisors, coaches, sports judges, as well as other professionals in the field of sports. Not only the faculty is aiming to graduate professionals, but it is also aiming for the graduates to be equipped with the values of authenticity, excellence, diversity, and dignity while serving the Lebanese sports community. The best way to achieve this vision is through a teaching system that targets the sports market through the diversity of the pieces of training offered and the promotion of research in Sport Sciences.

To ensure a high quality of teaching, modern infrastructures, as well as equipment that fit the international criteria, are available for the students and instructors. Technological equipment, as well as information technology tools, are provided by the faculty to ensure an idealistic environment to help its students develop in the field of research in sport sciences.

Several partnerships with local and international institutions and federations ensure that the programs offered at the Faculty of Sport Sciences fit the international norm. In addition, these partnerships allow the students to make the most out of several experiences through the different external interventions and allows them to continue their doctoral degrees abroad.


Our programs go beyond teaching our students the different skills related to physical activity and sports; they seek to implement the values of teamwork, volunteerism, respect, self-esteem, authenticity, excellence, diversity, and dignity .