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MBA in Sports Management

English and French

  • 18 - 36Credits
  • 2Duration of the program
  • $150Price
Official Name of the Program Masters of Business Administration in Sports Management
Official Degree Level Masters of Business Administration
Price/Credit $150
Campuses Availability Hadat–Baabda

Program Objectives

Sports is an expanding billion-dollar global industry. Lebanon is emerging as a sports hub in the Middle East for traditional and non-traditional sports, demanding high-caliber leaders to break new ground in taking them forward. There are many levels and streams of management in organized sports, resulting in the need for professionals with excellent skills in finance, marketing, management, etc. The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Sports Management program equips you with management skills in key areas of sports and interrelated fields. It prepares students for a variety of employment options in this exciting and fast-growing sector.

Our MBA Sports Management program focuses on the professionalization of individuals who are passionate about sports. As a result, our students implement projects and build a network with the stakeholders in the sports industry as a part of their training. The program challenges students to act wisely, gain insights into the sport of today and tomorrow, and understand the strategic stakes in the world of sports.

Modernized and professionalized, the world of sport is in demand of experts and pros with operational capability to manage it. They are designing and imagining both the present and future of the sport. Poised to grow, the field of sports will need a new generation of sports managers. As a young sports manager, you will:

  • understand the strategic issues faced in sports, the working of the sports industry, and the globalization of sport;
  • develop the "know-how" within sports problems;
  • contribute to the emergence of digital "skills" to take up new challenges of the sport industry;
  • contribute to the development of professional sports networks; and
  • take up challenges beyond the classroom knowledge.

Students wishing to enroll in this program must hold a Bachelor or a Masters of Arts in Physical Education and Sport and undergo an oral interview with the dean.

Assessment Methods

At the rate of one course per month, European speakers offer courses consisting of 30 hours of teaching a week every month.

Depending on the types of courses given and based on evaluative components the system for assessing student’s achievement of course learning outcomes, is set as follows:

  • Courses validation.
  • Emergency Seminar.
  • Presentation of a research project.
  • End of studies presentation.

The passing grade is set at 12/20 for all subjects as well as for the master’s thesis.


Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Upon the successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • acquire a culture of management;
  • foster international openness;
  • learn how to put their learning into practice; and
  • concentrate on the implementation of the ideas and theories acquired.


Job Prospects

As the sports industry expands and becomes a significant employer, there is a need for skilled professionals who can handle the day-to-day operations of sports teams and organizations. Some job avenues for sports management graduates include:

  • Sports Event Organizer.
  • Project Manager.
  • Communication or Advertising Manager.
  • Sponsoring, Partnerships, and Merchandising Manager.
  • Sports Consultant.
  • Operations Manager.
  • Sports Equipment Manager.
  • Sports Organization Manager.
  • Training Manager.
  • Sports Celebrity Manager.
  • Sports Expert.


Program Structure