Boards and Committees | Antonine University


Boards and Committees

The Faculty of Sport Sciences (FSS) members at Antonine University (UA) collaborate with organizational units to discuss academic, research, educational, and administrative issues.

Faculty Council
  • Dr. Antonio Soutou, Dean and Master’s Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Norma Dahdah, Dean’s Delegate at the Mejdlaya–Zgharta Campus
  • Dr. Majed Moubarak, Chairperson of the Department of Motricity Education and Adapted Physical Activities
  • Mr. Zahi Andraos, Chairperson of the Department of Sports Training and Dean’s Delegate at the Nabi Ayla–Zahle Campus
  • Ms. Mayssa Bsaibes, Chairperson of the Department of Sports Management
  • Mr. Edgard Azzi, Director of the Office of Athletics
  • Mr. Bechara Salameh, Diploma in Mountain Guide and Outdoor Activities Coordinator
  • Ms. Nada Sattouf, Representative of Part-time Faculty Members
  • Ms. Iman Elmerhi, Student Representative
  • Mr. Charbel Khoury, Student Representative
Curricular Committee
  • Dr. Antonio Soutou
  • Mr. Zahi Andraos
  • Mr. Raymond Naccour
Transfer Committee
  • Dr. Antonio Soutou
  • Mr. George Assaf
Disciplinary Committee
  • Dr. Majed Moubarak, Responsible of the Committee
  • Mr. Zahi Andraos
  • Mr. George Assaf
Events Organization and Volunteering Committee
  • Mr. Joseph Naimeh
  • Mr. Edgard Azzi
  • Ms. Aya Naimeh, Responsible of the Committee
Alumni Committee
  • Mr. Edgard Azzi, Responsible of the Committee
  • Ms. Corine Cherfane
Advisory Committee
  • Dr. Zeina Mina
    Director of Jeux de la Francophonie
    Former Dean of the FSS at UA
  • Ms. Pascale Mattera
  • Dr. Nady Hoyek
    Lecturer at Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University
    Member of the Interuniversity Laboratory of Motricity’s Biology
    Pedagogy and Digital Advisor at the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation in France
  • Mr. Mazen Ramadan
    President of the Lebanese Federation of Canoe Kayak
    Member of the Lebanese Olympic Committee and President of the Lebanese Delegation of the Olympic Games
    Game Commissioner at the Asian Football Confederation (elected twice as Best Commissioner in Asia)
  • Mr. Elie Sfeir
    Trainer of athletics, basketball, and record man of the Arab Decathlon
    Ex-professional basketball player (Panatiakos in Greece)
    Owner of Decathlon Gym
  • Dr. Alfred Khoury