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Message from the Dean

If you are looking for a place where you want to discover the world of sport sciences with no limitations, then you have reached the right faculty!

The Faculty of Sport Sciences is an environment where you can advance your knowledge and maintain your physical health. Three different concentrations are available for you to choose from and to learn more closely in your undergraduate years. Whether you choose Sports Training, Sports Management, or Motricity Education and Adapted Physical Activity, you will acquire several life skills other than sports competencies. In addition to the undergraduate program, you can earn a teaching diploma, and you can pursue your Master’s education in sport sciences at the Antonine University (UA), where you will expand your studies in the research field.

By choosing the Faculty of Sport Sciences and upon graduation, you will surely excel in your occupational field, whether as an instructor, researcher, trainer, advisor, coach, sports judge, or as any other profession in the discipline of sports.

We focus on the knowledge that you can acquire from our programs through the yearly revision of our curriculum and syllabi. To ensure the delivery of the best theoretical and practical courses, several partnerships are signed with local and international associations and universities that are prominent in the fields of Sport Sciences, such as: the Lebanese Football Association, Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 in France, Ecole supérieur de Gestion in Paris-France, the French Federation of Basketball, and the Asian Football Confederation.

I will take this opportunity to assure you that our academic and administrative staff and I will be with you in every step of your journey towards excellence, as well as your growth while maintaining your wellbeing.

Lastly, let me welcome you to the leading Faculty of Sport Sciences in Lebanon.

Dr. Antonio Soutou