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European University Diploma for Physical Preparation

English and French

  • 175 hours of Courses and 175 hours of InternshipCredits
  • 1Duration of the program
  • $2000Price
Official Name of the Program European University Diploma for Physical Preparation
Official Degree Level European University Diploma for Physical Preparation
Price/Program Non UA students: $2000 | UA students and alumni: 20% discount
Campuses Availability Hadat–Baabda

Program Objectives

This program is included in the catalog of Olympic Solidarity Training. The program’s key objective centers on grasping and extending the knowledge and the concrete problems inherent in the daily practice of the physical trainer, leading to the professionalization as a physical trainer, a function very much in demand in sports clubs at the moment, and in numerous disciplines.

This diploma prepares students for professions related to physical preparation, especially in the field of high-level sports. The student will be able to intervene in the optimization of the performances of a person or a sports team.

A new generation of coach and fitness trainers whose approach and field methodology are based on scientific concepts is evolving and gaining momentum. European Sport Universities have been working hand in hand in view of devising an excellent training course targeting top-notch physical trainers. The degree of the European University Diploma for Physical preparation – DUEPP – is co-delivered with Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France.


Students wishing to enroll in this program must hold a bachelor degree (Bac +3) as well as a minimum of 3 years’ experience in coaching.

Assessment Methods

Trainers from Lyon 1 University and Lebanese professors carry out the assessment for this program based on evaluative components the system for assessing student’s achievement of course learning outcomes, is set as follows:

  • Presentation of an internship dissertation (written dissertation and oral defense)
  • Assessment of practical skills (field methodology)
  • Appropriation of general and specific knowledge in a written test.

The level of intervention must allow for a practical approach with regard to the problems of physical preparation and will have to be sanctioned by the persons in charge of each sport activity.

*Each test receives a coefficient of one.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

After obtaining the European University Diploma for Physical Preparation, the diploma holders will be able to:

  • understand the components of fitness as well as the methodology and the planning of the endurance, strength, and speed training; and
  • take charge of the physical preparation for sport teams or professional athletes.


Program Structure