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BA in Physical Education and Sport – Sports Management


  • 96Credits
  • 3Duration of the program
  • $110Price
Official Name of the Program Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Sport – Sports Management
Official Degree Level Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Sport
Price/Credit $110
Campuses Availability Hadat–Baabda; Nabi Ayla–Zahlé; Mejdlaya–Zgharta

Program Objectives

The Sports Management concentration allows the training of a new generation of sports managers. The program introduces the students to research in the specific field related to sports science concerning various sectors that deal with social sciences, management sciences, and sports law.

This program aims to prepare sports managers capable of working in different sporting institutions. Courses are designed in a way to give our student outcomes in different sports management sectors such as human resources management, sporting events organizing, sports economy, sports law, etc. A mandatory internship will give our students the chance to show how to manage and organize sports institutions.


Students wishing to enroll in this program must hold a Lebanese baccalaureate degree or any equivalent diploma. Admission requirements are:

  • Physical capacity test.
  • Language placement test.


Assessment Methods

Depending on the types of courses given and based on evaluative components the system for assessing student’s achievement of course learning outcomes, is set as follows:

  • The knowledge acquired by the student in theoretical courses is evaluated in a written evaluation, a project, continuous evaluation, and a final exam.
    Theoretical courses grade division:
    • 40% final exam
    • 20% test 1
    • 20% test 2
    • 10% project
    • 10% continuous evaluation
  • The knowledge acquired by the student in practical courses is evaluated based on the student’s capacity, pedagogical aspect, and continuous evaluation.


Practical courses grade division:


  • 70% Capacities
  • 20% Pedagogical aspect
  • 10% continuous evaluation

The passing grade is set on 12/20 . The grade for practical subjects is distributed among the theory of practice score, the practical evaluation score, and the project’s score. Concerning the theoretical subjects, the grade is distributed between the written evaluation score and that of the project.

Graduation requires 100 hours of internship in a school, special needs school, special needs center, or retirement home. Students must defend an internship report at the end of the program.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

After obtaining the Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Sport – Sports Management, the diploma holders will be able to:

  • transmit ethical values and social values through practicing different jobs in the field of sports;
  • work in a group as well as work individually in several projects whether at school or in sports’ institutions;
  • communicate easily in the French or English language (based on the program chosen) both orally and in the written form;
  • use digital referencing tools and security rules to acquire, process, produce, and spread information as well as better organize, plan, and evaluate their tasks;
  • master the fundamental techniques and tactics in different proposed types of sports; and
  • manage a class, a team, or any sports-related group.


Specific Learning Outcomes to the common courses

    • Identify and understand the functioning of the human body as well as the different motor and psychological development stages of the human being.
    • Spot a chronological progression and historical problems in different physical and sports activities


    Specific Learning Outcomes to Sports Management

    • Master the foundation of Sports Management and Human Resources management.
    • Master the project management foundations and the sports events creation and planning as well as the rules regarding sports marketing (while respecting the Lebanese law).
    Job Prospects

    The Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Sport – Sports Management prepares the student for various positions such as:

    • Sports entities and organizations Manager.
    • Sports events planner and organizer.
    • Administrative job in Clubs, federations, Olympic Committee, Sport fitness clubs, or Schools.


    Program Structure

    First Year Common Courses

    Code Course Credits
    ANAT 601-EC00 Anatomy of the body system
    Anatomy of the body system
    ANAT 601-EC00
    3 Credits
    The course will familiarize the physical education student with the anatomy of the human body, he will understand its different anatomical structures and systems. The three credits course of 45 hours consists of delivering several lectures including anatomical schematic diagrams to the physical education student.
    SSKL 301-EC00 Introduction to computer
    Introduction to computer
    SSKL 301-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course (45 hours) provides students with the knowledge and skills required to use industry standard software in the business world such as Microsoft Office Word 2007 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. Lab practices will empower students to prepare professional university projects and to promote their education in the business or the computer technology field.
    HIST 601-EC00 History of physical activities and sports
    History of physical activities and sports
    HIST 601-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours will examine and interpret Physical Activities and Sports from the ancient period till present putting the accent on different subjects and topics such as Ancient Olympic Games, Gymnastics Era and History of Lebanese Physical Activities and Sports.
    SPRT 104-EP00 Racket sport 1
    Racket sport 1
    SPRT 104-EP00
    3 Credits
    One of the physical education requirements is to design different physical and social contexts for students to build skills. To this table tennis is a privileged APSA in order to develop this. One of the goals pursued during the course of 3 credits (45 hours) is the acquisition of motor skills through the bio-informational improvement, bio-mechanics and social.
    SPRT 102-EP00 Basketball
    SPRT 102-EP00
    3 Credits
    Basketball is a 3 credits course of 45 hours designed to enable the student to study the theory of basketball and to put the fundamentals of the game to use during competition. Approximately one-third of a two and one half hour session is used in the presentation of basketball theory and the remainder of the period is used for demonstrations and practice of the fundamentals of basketball. Progressively, the theory includes different types of defense and offensive patterns, the principles involved in each of these, the individual performances of the players, and the over-all team effort.
    SPRT 124-EP00 Fitness
    SPRT 124-EP00
    3 Credits
    The 3 credits (45 hours) fitness course will allow students to develop practical and theoretical skills in fitness such as: The basic rules of the use of gym material and bodybuilding . Toning of muscles and performance development through different methods of training. 1- Muscle - Toning - Hypertrophy Max Strength - Endurance Strength 2- Cardiovascular - VMA 3 - Flexibility (stretching )
    SPRT 118-EP00 Gymnastics
    SPRT 118-EP00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course (45 hours) introduce the technical, teaching and learning rules of gymnastics. Allow the student: to acquire knowledge related to the rules of the game, strategic and didactic aspects; to develop their own skills in the practice of gymnastics
    PHSO 103-EC00 Human physiology
    Human physiology
    PHSO 103-EC00
    3 Credits
    The 3 credits course of 45 hours allows the acquisition of a basic knowledge in human physiology, this being done within the framework of the skill-based approach of the EPS program.
    SECO 202-EC00 First Aid
    First Aid
    SECO 202-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours will allow the student to acquire knowledge about all emergency threatening the vital functions of the human being, while completing their knowledge originally required by their courses in anatomy and functioning of the body and its malfunction in the event of a sudden and unexpected accident. This course will also help them develop practical skills to be a suitable way to face any damage caused by an accident at home, on the street, on a social place or a place for sport or recreation
    MRCH 905-EC00 Basics of Research methodology
    Basics of Research methodology
    MRCH 905-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours will help students to understand the basics of research methodology. Many topics are covered including data collection, understanding the importance of the literature review, understanding the difference between quantitative and qualitative approach, ethical and moral issues in research, plagiarism, oral presentation and the use of online research tools.
    Second Year Common Courses

    Code Course Credits
    PHSO 108-EC00 Motor learning and performance
    Motor learning and performance
    PHSO 108-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours will develop the physiological, biological and biochemical mechanisms of muscular and nervous control of motion, and therefore of motricity, based on the development of motor learning and methods of practice. Study of sensory stimuli that stimulate brain responses and at the level of the affectionate system (muscles, joints) in favor of an adequate motor action by correct decision-making. This defines the development of skills, perfect movements with maximum certainty and minimal consumption of time and energy.
    PSYC 601-EC00 Developmental psychology
    Developmental psychology
    PSYC 601-EC00
    3 Credits
    The 3 credits course of 45 hours uses different psychological currents that help us to understand the diversity of approaches of the human being.
    ESPR 101-EC00 Introduction to training
    Introduction to training
    ESPR 101-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours is offered to 2nd year students. It introduces the five basic training skills through implementation and practice.
    STAT 301-EC00 Introduction to statistics
    Introduction to statistics
    STAT 301-EC00
    3 Credits
    The first part of this 3 credits course of 45 hours covers the basic concepts of descriptive statistics as well as collection and data processing. The concepts relating to correlation and linear regression, and their usefulness in the world of sports, form the bulk of the second part. The last part of the course will introduce inferential statistics: statistical laws, sampling, hypothesis testing...
    SOCI 103-EC00 Ethics and sports
    Ethics and sports
    SOCI 103-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours teaches students about the different values in sports and how to respect them. Moreover it also help them notice the many decadances in sports elaborated by actual and accurate examples.
    SPRT 107-EP00 Football
    SPRT 107-EP00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours will teach the fundamentals and the rules of football. It is also designed to teach students how to play the game and how to implement strategies during matches. Emphasis will be placed not only on skills, rules and coaching but also on implementing football as a part of PE curriculum
    SPRT 112-EP00 Combat sport
    Combat sport
    SPRT 112-EP00
    3 Credits
    In this unsecure world, this 3 credits course of 45 hours will provide students with enough knowledge to take right, secure and responsible decisions.
    SPRT 119-EP00 Racket sports 2 (Badminton)
    Racket sports 2 (Badminton)
    SPRT 119-EP00
    3 Credits
    The 3 credits course (45 hours) aims to provide students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, understanding and experience necessary to develop an appreciation of, and play, the sport of badminton. Students will be taught the essential skills necessary to play the sport.
    SPRT 123-EP00 Track and field level 1
    Track and field level 1
    SPRT 123-EP00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course (45 hours ) is given to students in 2nd year. It exposes the complexity of athletics reflecting the plurality of activities. They will learn the analytical breakdown of the movement and the whole of gesture by the pedagogy of discovery and repeating sequences.
    SPRT 109-EP00 Track and field level 2
    Track and field level 2
    SPRT 109-EP00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours that is given to students in 2nd year. It exposes the complexity of athletics reflecting the plurality of activities. They will learn the analytical breakdown of the movement and the whole of gesture by the pedagogy of discovery and repeating sequences.
    TCEO 101-FC10 Written and oral Communication
    Third Year

    Code Course Credits
    MGMT 403-EC00 Human ressources management
    Human ressources management
    MGMT 403-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours will explain the role of Individual members of an Olympic Sport Organization (OSO) are the main resource of the organization. Human resources are essential for the efficient operation of the organization and are necessary to obtain other resources such as money. Human resources management (HRM) is therefore the means of optimizing the activities of the members, or human resources, of an OSO so that it can achieve its mission and goals under optimal conditions. In short, it is a way of using individuals for the benefit of the organization. HRM is a component of general management, and as such it needs to serve the mission and objectives of the OSO.
    MRKT 502-EC00 Principles of marketing
    Principles of marketing
    MRKT 502-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours is based on the principle of analyzing consumers’ needs in the sports market in order to respond to them appropriately. This is developed through strategies that emphasize the four pillars of the marketing mix.
    MGMT 405-EC00 Sports management
    Sports management
    MGMT 405-EC00
    3 Credits
    Fundamentals of Sports Management addresses the foundations of the field for students and professionals. It provides real-world examples and career opportunities in the exciting world of sport management. This 3 credits course of 45 hours offers insights into the exciting field of sport, the impact of the sport industry, and the possibilities for employment in sport.
    MSPR 106-EC00 Event planning
    Event planning
    MSPR 106-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours has the ambition to present the essential notions of this science, the technique or the art that is the management of event planning for Sports.
    FINA 301-EC00 Sports finance
    Sports finance
    FINA 301-EC00
    3 Credits
    This 3 credits course of 45 hours examines the financial tools that sports managers use to run their sport businesses. As such it explores traditional and innovative methods of revenue acquisition and financial management in sports organizations, the financial business structure of sports organizations, and the financial planning and forecasting processes that make organizations effective. We’ll discuss various other aspects of finance as they relate to sports organizations, including the time value of money, capital structuring, stocks and bonds, inventory management, and taxation.
    LEGL 601-EC00 Sports law
    Sports law
    LEGL 601-EC00
    3 Credits
    The 3 credits course of 45 hours will target the issues of sports law in Lebanon. Details constitutional laws. It will demonstrate an understanding of the moral bases of decision-making in sports. Develop an understanding of a variety of work contract as well as sports contract.
    MGMT 407-EC00 Project management
    Project management
    MGMT 407-EC00
    3 Credits
    Management is designed to help business students understand some of the greatest challenges that organizations face today – the effective and efficient methods for implementing projects in organizations. Project management represents a skill that is in high demand by all companies, both domestic and international. This 3 credits course of 45 hours will provide a comprehensive overview of the skills needed and challenges to be faced in managing projects in organizations.
    SPRT 120-EP00 Volleyball
    SPRT 120-EP00
    3 Credits
    This 3-credit course (45 hours) provides students with the necessary study material for their practical volleyball training; to acquire the knowledge and basic skills necessary for a dynamic volleyball practice. It is a source of information in choosing the best ways to develop the specific skills needed for volleyball.
    MEMO 701-EM00 Thesis
    MEMO 701-EM00
    3 Credits
    All internships must lead to a written report that aims to present the entire internship completed. This report must be synthetic (from 20 to 30 pages maximum excluding technical annexes). The report must present the work done during the internship and must highlight the achievements and skills acquired. It corresponds to 3 credits of 45 hours.