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UA and the Faculty of Sport Sciences (FSS) partner with top universities and institutions, nationally and internationally, to create unique and stimulating opportunities for students. These partnerships improve the quality of teaching and support innovation.

Local Partners

  • Lebanese Football Association (LFA)
    Aiming to provide its students with additional federal sports diplomas and ensure internship and job opportunities, the FSS signed in 2018 a collaboration with the LFA. As a result, students will have the chance to obtain football and futsal coaching certificates (levels A, B, and C) provided by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), as well as referring certificates. In addition to that, the FSS will transfer its expertise to the LFA in terms of management, training, and conditioning, and its sports facilities will be used by the national football teams upon request.
  • Lebanese Army
    Based on a signed collaboration, the FSS and the Lebanese Army will transfer their respective expertise to each other through diplomas, internships, and training workshops.
  • Lebanese Basketball Federation (LFB)


International Partners

  • Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University (UCBL) – Lyon, France
    UA has signed two agreements with UCBL:
    - The framework agreement signed to develop the collaboration mainly aims to continuously develop the FSS programs and courses, as well as develop mutual research projects. As a result of the agreement, the FSS elite students will also have the chance to continue their master’s and PhD degrees at UCBL.
    - To develop the fitness training and conditioning section, the FSS is also part of the European University Diploma for Physical Preparation (DUEPP) program. Through this partnership, the FSS will provide the chance for its students to obtain the DUEPP program recognized by the European Union and the International Olympic Committee.
  • École Supérieure de Gestion (ESG) – Paris, France
    Through this partnership, the FSS hosts an MBA in sports management provided by ESG Paris, France. International lecturers will teach courses covering all managerial sectors such as sports event organizing, sports marketing, etc. The students who complete this program will obtain a diploma from ESG – Paris, France.
  • French Federation of Basketball (FFBB) – France
    This partnership aims to develop the basketball-coaching competencies of the FSS students. UA will host levels 1 and 2 basketball coaching seminars, and the students will have the chance to obtain French basketball coaching certificates.
  • Asian Football Confederation (AFC)
  • University of Franche-Comté – France