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Office of Human Resources



As a strategic partner committed to aligning its efforts with Antonine University’s (UA) mission, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) collaborates to recruit, develop, and retain skilled and engaged talent in order to optimize the quality of services provided: research, teaching, and administrative support. We aim to provide equal opportunities for growth to our human capital and to recognize their accomplishments and engagement, thereby establishing a healthy and respectful work culture. We envision creating a work environment that fosters innovative Human Resources (HR) services, strives for excellence, and embraces an inclusive culture.



  • Change and Innovation: We encourage creativity to support continuous improvement.
  • Accountability: We believe that accountability leads to greater transparency, effective dialogue, and increased awareness of the value of responsibility.
  • Respect: We treat our faculty and staff members with respect at all times to ensure a respectful workplace environment.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We promote and support a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equality in the workplace at all levels.
  • Solidarity: We believe in the power of solidarity to pursue and achieve the shared objectives of our community members.


Message From the Director

Since people are at the heart of UA’s success, the HR team is committed to providing high-quality services that enrich the staff members’ experience and contribute to creating a supportive and productive work environment at UA.

With the aim of continuous improvement, our team keeps an eye on the latest digital transformations and new challenges in the HR field to enhance the members’ experience as well as the effectiveness of implemented systems and related processes.

Our strategy to build an inclusive and highly motivated community leads us to recruit and retain ambitious, dynamic, and talented candidates with strong personalities. This will enrich and develop an agile teamwork spirit and foster continuous motivation.

The HR team is also committed to providing staff members with equal opportunities for professional development and growth through training programs in all areas, equipping them with essential skills.

Above all, we believe that the success of our University is achieved through essential ethics and values that we continuously promote, from ethical conduct and legal compliances to mutual respect among all UA family members. 

Fouad Abdallah