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Message from the Dean

The Antonine School of Business (ASB) provides quality business and management education, meeting the needs of the national, regional, and international markets. At the ASB, we form students that are capable of assisting their employers in carrying out the deployment and management of their resources in an optimized manner, in line with the goals of the shareholders and other stakeholders. We also develop the entrepreneurial mindset of our students, training those among them who intend to embark on their private or family businesses, to put the odds in their favor. Learning at the ASB is hands-on and value-driven, and preaches action rather than reaction. The ASB does not simply instruct day-to-day management of business; it strives to develop its students’ entrepreneurial mindset, thus preparing them to be those who will actively shape the history of the world.

While the fundamentals of business management are taught to all students, we highly recommend the latter to specialize, at both Bachelor and Master levels, in one or other of the main areas of contemporary management, depending on their personal aspirations and orientations. Moreover, the ASB students are trained in the best practices of management, and not only in its theories, through the approach of business cases ¬—among other things— thus making them of uncontested usefulness to their employers from their early recruitment. In fact, in addition to the academic and practical learning that students perceive during their years of study at the ASB, the Faculty and the Administration strive to develop in students their intellectual curiosity and their sense of responsibility and achievement from the very beginning of their enrollment at the University.

While at the ASB the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are intended for regular business students, the MBA program the Faculty provides is aimed at all university graduates. Regardless of their academic disciplines, students have the possibility to enroll in our MBA program, as it will offer them an education in business and management that enables them to effectively run businesses, or positively participate in the management of third-party ventures and organizations.

The ASB courses are given at the University's main campus in Hadat–Baabda, as well as at its regional centers in Nabi Ayla–Zahle and Mejdlaya–Zgharta, in both their French and English sections.

Prof. Tony Gibeily