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Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is a body derived from the UA Council as per the Academic Affairs Rules and Regulations (Article 8). Its primary focus is on the teaching component, as it decides on reforms to the academic system and learning programs, reviews and monitors the implementation of relevant policies, and ensures continuous improvement by evaluating the quality of undergraduate and graduate programs, in-person, hybrid, and online courses, as well as teaching and research strategies on an ongoing basis. It establishes a framework for enhancing student success and implementing innovative practices in the fields of teaching and research. The Committee also works on the development of new plans and fields of study, sets academic standards, ensures their compliance, deliberates on matters within its purview, and decides on various common and ongoing academic issues submitted to it.

The Committee values academic integrity, fosters a culture of excellence in teaching and learning, implements academic staff development initiatives, advises on how to forge stronger ties with other institutions, and emphasizes the pillars of the University’s mission, namely quality education and interdisciplinary research.

The Academic Committee is composed of the following ex officio members: the Rector, Secretary General, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Director of the Language Center, deans, and heads of departments.

This governing body convenes once a month under the chairmanship of the Rector, upon convocation by the Secretary General.

Composition of the Academic Committee 

  • Fr. Michel Saghbiny, Rector
  • Fr. Ziad Maatouk, Secretary General and Vice Rector for Administration
  • Fr. Jean Al Alam, Vice Rector for Integral Human Development
  • Dr. Talar Atechian, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Prof. Antoine El Samrani, Vice Rector for Research
  • Prof. Rony Darazi, Vice Rector for Cooperation and Internationalization
  • Fr. Antoine Abboud, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Theology
  • Prof. Nidaa Abou Mrad, Dean of the Faculty of Music and Musicology
  • Dr. Gaby Moukarzel, Dean of the Faculty of Public Health
  • Prof. Tony Gibeily, Dean of the Antonine School of Business
  • Dr. Chady Abou Jaoude, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr. Dalal Moukarzel, Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication
  • Dr. Antonio Soutou, Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences
  • Dr. Huguette Abou Mrad, Director of the Language Center
  • Dr. Mona Nehme, Head of the Department of Nursing Sciences
  • Ms. Maya Nohra, Head of the Department of Dental Laboratory Technology
  • Dr. Elie Akoury, Head of the Department of Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Kabalan Chaccour, Head of the Department of Computer and Communications Engineering
  • Dr. Charbel Gemayel, Head of the Department of Technology in Computer Science