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Vice Rector for Administration

With the aim of empowering Antonine University (UA) and promoting excellence within its various units, the Vice Rector for Administration (VRA) extends his strategic guidance to the entire UA community. While focusing primarily on the Office of Human Resources (OHR), the Office of Communications (OOC), and the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the VRA also works towards cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and collaboration across the entire institution, transcending the boundaries of the administrative sphere. In fact, one of his key responsibilities is to sustain a workforce that exemplifies outstanding skills and exhibits unwavering motivation. For this purpose, the VRA proactively ignites transformation and devotes efforts to foster an environment where every endeavor can flourish.

Furthermore, in close collaboration with the Bursar, he assumes responsibility for overseeing the units’ action plans and budgets. Their concerted efforts are animated by their commitment to safeguarding the University’s financial sustainability and aligning it with thoughtful decisions which are (a) informed by a holistic understanding of the University’s administrative and financial landscapes, (b) driven by comprehensive data collection, and (c) enriched by insightful interpretation.

Functions and Related Offices

Based on the delegation of authority, the VRA has to appraise the following areas of responsibility to support the Rector:

Office of Human Resources

The OHR leads the UA community and promotes, directly and indirectly, the initial mission of the University. Its main task is to build up a homogeneous community capable of successfully applying integrity, diversity, and teamwork, hence adopting the University’s core and essential values. The VRA leads by providing helpful and integrated advice to faculty and staff, and more than that, he strives to contribute to a well-tailored, experienced, and visionary team.

Office of Communications

The OOC at UA holds one of the main roles of the University, which highlights UA’s position in front of both the society and the internal community. This Office is dedicated to building a targeted funnel to reach and communicate with the UA community as well as the whole society, by adopting all the trending means of marketing and communications tools such as advertising campaigns, media relations, and digital communication strategies, while maintaining UA’s brand image.

Office of Information Technology

The OIT is another essential supporting section at UA. In the current advanced and high-tech universe, one cannot but rely on and invest in fields experts, computer engineers, and technicians to ensure secured data and student information systems which will facilitate the learning and professional experience to the UA community. The office members provide several services and expertise to the student, faculty, and staff all year long.

Institutional Research Unit

This Unit contributes to the development of UA and the community by building surveys, collecting raw data, and studying the numbers of issued reports. It offers statistical and analytical expertise to support decisions and policy development at the University. The research areas mainly focus on opinions and statistics about students and courses, accountability reporting and performance indicators, enrolment analysis, strategic planning, survey management, and the production of the annual University fact book.


Rev. Fr. Ziad Maatouk, OAM

  • PhD in Education, Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum, and Policy Studies – University of Ottawa
  • MA in Education, Educational leadership – University of Ottawa
  • BA in Psychology – York University
  • BA in Theological Studies – Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy)