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Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee that is primarily responsible for exercising general supervision over the University curricula. This body is in charge of the curriculum development policies, evaluates the proposals for new academic programs submitted by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs (VRAA) on behalf of the academic departments, and undertakes major and minor revisions of the existing graduate and undergraduate degree programs while maintaining course quality standards. The study is based on the submitted curriculum guidelines and focuses on the structure of these projects. Once the report is ready, the project is presented by the VRAA to the Academic Committee for final study and validation. Moreover, the Committee makes recommendations about academic credit systems and grading policies. It ensures continued collaboration between University faculties on curriculum matters.

In accordance with the Academic Affairs Rules and Regulations (article 10.5), the Committee is convened and presided over by the VRAA and made up of the spokespeople for curriculum affairs in the faculties, who are appointed by their respective deans. It meets at least 3 times a year, the quorum required to hold such meetings being half of the members. The VRAA’s assistant acts as an observer and writes the meeting minutes under his supervision.

Composition of the Curriculum Committee  

  • Dr. Talar Atechian, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Fr. Antoine Abboud, Faculty of Theology
  • Dr. Dalal Moukarzel, Faculty of Information and Communication
  • Dr. Antonio Soutou, Faculty of Sport Sciences
  • Dr. Kabalan Chaccour, Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr. Charbel El Gemayel, Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr. Hayaf Yassine, Faculty of Music and Musicology
  • Dr. Rihab Sawaya, Antonine School of Business
  • Ms. Leyla Nader, Faculty of Public Health