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Policies and Regulations

Antonine University (UA) has issued a number of statutes, regulations, and institutional-level policies that are designed to specify its founding purpose and broad structure, the composition and objective of each decision-making and advisory body, and the breakdown of responsibilities among its members. These governing documents ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations and adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct. They establish formalized policies and procedures, facilitate the use of harmonized practices that promote an environment of respect, trust and inclusion, and help sustain and enhance academic excellence.

For other faculty/department-level regulatory documents, please refer to the website section dedicated to each unit.

Organic Statute [EN] [FR]
Rules and Regulations of Faculty Members [EN] [FR]
Staff Statute [AR]
Study Rules and Regulations [FR]
Academic Affairs Regulations [FR]
Scientific Research Regulations [FR]
UA Press Regulations [FR]
Anti-Plagiarism and Anti-Falsification Policy [FR]
Observation and Evaluation of Teaching Policy [FR]
Policy inherent to thesis co-supervision and doctoral support [FR]
Policy inherent to the organization of colloquiums [FR]
Policy inherent to researches involving human participants [FR]
Scientific Research Funding Policy [FR]
Quality Assurance Policy [FR]
Internationalization Policy [FR]
Gender Equality Policy [FR]
Composition of the Antonine University (UA) Councils and Committees for 2022-2023 [EN]

Annex 5 to the Faculty Statute pertaining to the prior authorization of their involvement in activities outside the University [FR]
Annex 4 to the Faculty Statute pertaining to the absence of Faculty Members – Rectoral Decree [FR]
Annex 3 to the Faculty Statute pertaining to the recruitment of Faculty members – Rectoral Decree [FR]
Social Responsibility Policy [FR]