Responsibilities | Antonine University



To actively contribute to shaping the trajectory of Antonine University’s (UA) success, the multifaceted responsibilities of the Secretary General (SG), who serves as custodian of its identity, encompass a diverse spectrum of (a) governance, (b) leadership, and (c) administrative responsibilities. Beyond logistical coordination, the SG channels his efforts to mobilizing resources, thereby ensuring that every event adequately mirrors UA’s core mission, vision, and values. Through the comprehensive array of tasks entrusted to him, he plays a pivotal role in crafting an environment where academic and administrative endeavors converge to fortify the institution’s reputation and position.

In his role of bridging the gap between vision and execution, the SG ensures that the University is not caught in the realm of abstract ideas. His engagement to turn the University’s aspirations into tangible plans goes beyond the conventional orchestration of meetings involving governing bodies such as the Board of Trustees, UA Council, Administrative Council, Academic Committee, among others. By collaborating closely with the Rector, Bursar, vice rectors, deans, and heads of departments, he leverages his expertise to set agendas that advance the institution’s strategic goals in an impactful manner.

Furthermore, he weaves together the community’s aspirations and best practices, by assisting in the drafting, reviewing, and updating of the UA policies and procedures. This effort guarantees their alignment with accreditation standards, thus safeguarding the institution’s commitment to quality. He devotes his energy to maintaining a delicate equilibrium between legal compliance and ethical responsibility, ensuring that the various initiatives and actions not only meet legal requirements but also resonate harmoniously with the UA ethical principles.

Moreover, with a visionary perspective, he arranges academic semesters, holidays, exam periods, and other significant events to create a cadence that enhances students’ experience and optimizes learning efficiency. Last but not least, equipped with a panoramic understanding of the UA operations, he constantly identifies venues for streamlining administrative processes.