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Administrative Council

The Administrative Council monitors the implementation of the roadmap outlined by the UA Council. It provides general guidance for the conduct of the University’s affairs and ensures the effective fulfillment of its mission and vision. The Council evaluates the University's management practices, carries out major University-wide initiatives in line with the strategic plan, sets institutional priorities, identifies areas of strengths to build upon, promotes collaborations within and between institutions, promptly addresses unforeseen circumstances, and makes far-reaching decisions that impact the entire University community.

According to Article 86 of the Organic Statute, this governing body is comprised of:

  • ex officio members, namely the Rector, Secretary General, Bursar, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Research, and Vice Rector for Integral Human Development;
  • a vice rector appointed by the Rector upon formal approval by the Board of Trustees;
  • a dean or head of department appointed by the UA Council for a one-year term that is renewable once.


The Administrative Council is required to meet at least twice a month under the chairmanship of the Rector.

Composition of the Administrative Council 

  • Fr. Michel Saghbiny, Rector
  • Fr. Ziad Maatouk, Secretary General and Vice Rector for Administration
  • Fr. Chucri El Khoury, Bursar
  • Fr. Jean Al Alam, Vice Rector for Integral Human Development
  • Dr. Talar Atechian, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Prof. Antoine El Samrani, Vice Rector for Research
  • Prof. Rony Darazi, Vice Rector for Cooperation and Internationalization
  • Ms. Maya Nohra, Representative of the Deans